Lifehack Beach Tent

Things you will need: 

  1. Two light weight bed sheets
  2. Two sticks (walking stick, cane, broom, etc)
  3. Two rubber bands (optional - for added simplicity)


  1. Ram the two sticks deep in the sand (width depends on sheet size)
  2. Tie two corners of one sheet at the bottom of the sticks (where the sticks meet the sand)
  3. Tie or fasten with rubberbands, two corners of the second sheet to the top of the sticks
  4. Tie the sheets together in the back at the remaining corners

Tip: The tent will catch the breeze if you face the opening towards the ocean.

An added plus is that everything should fit into a single tote bag and you have two walking sticks!

If you have modifications or additions, please provide examples in this post. Have fun on your beach day!